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“Never Leftover” Deviled Eggs

I learned a nice little trick for deviled eggs this past week. I always joke around that there are never leftover deviled eggs at family events, church gatherings, etc.. As a social experiment, I frequently volunteer to make them, and then go “overboard” to see if we can make enough so that there are actually leftovers. My prior record was 4 dozen at a family event. That’s 96 halves. They were all gone.

This time was for an engagement party. We made 5 dozen (in the Instant Pot of course, 2 batches of 30 at 5 minutes pressure cook, 5 minutes natural release, and a cold water rinse). I planned to use the egg cartons to line them up for easy filling, and then to transport them. My wife suggested we just mix up the filling, put the cut halves in the cartons, then fill them at the party. (see note below)

So, we put the filling in plastic bags, the egg halves in the cartons, and grabbed the garnish dill and headed out. When we got there, we cut a corner out of the bags, and filled the eggs as needed. It worked perfect, and no big mess trying to transport a few dozen prepared eggs. Every time the platters got low, we’d just fill a few more halves. It literally took a second or two for each one. (At the risk of losing my man-card, I’m pushing my wife to buy a piping kit soon.)

When we left the party, half the guests were still there picking at the food, and out of the 120 halves, there were 5 left. I still believe there’s no such thing as leftover deviled eggs.

When I posted this on the Facebook Instant Pot Community, it was pointed out that there might be a risk of salmonella by putting the cooked egg halves back in the cartons. So I added the recommendation to line the cartons with plastic wrap. You could also use plastic carriers like these from Amazon (I threw in a piping kit for good measure).

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  1. I make deviled eggs in large quantities too for family 4 dozen (96) being the top. I use my Pampered Chef or any brand icing decorator tube with the larger star end and fill my eggs through that. It’s wonderful. They come out looking so pretty.

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