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The HBO Panic Attack

Things seemed so calm, but the sudden panic attack was near. It was almost 11pm, and we were at our daughter’s house with the grandsons (who were all now in bed). Gini had fallen asleep after fighting the battle of the bedtime to a draw with the oldest of the two; and I was watching the last of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” on HBO.

Then, disaster struck. Our daughter was due home at 11, and the movie was ending. The end of the movie was not the disaster (that was almost a relief, it wasn’t that good), but as it ended, the friendly HBO screen told me the next show coming up was … “Naked In Space“. I didn’t even need to read the synopsis, I knew it was time to switch channels…

…and that’s when the disaster hit… I couldn’t find the remote!!!! I looked everywhere – I pulled the cushions off the couch, it wasn’t there. I pulled the bed out of the couch, and it wasn’t there. The opening credits of the movie had finished, they were starting to get into the “plot”, and Saundra was due home any minute; by then I was in a total panicked frenzy over what was likely to be on the screen as she walked in (or worse yet, Gini woke up).

And then I had a brilliant inspiration…

I walked over to the UVerse box, and discovered there are buttons right there on the box, and they can actually be used to change the channel!

I didn’t need no stinkin’ remote!!! – Modern technology is amazing!

PS – I hear rumors that there are also buttons on the TVs turn it off without the remote – amazing huh?.

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