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Doggie Dreams

Celtic & Gini

Our dog Celtic usually sleeps on the bed, but at the foot of it. During the night, he’ll typically snuggle up to Gini, because she’ll let him (I won’t); plus she goes to sleep earlier than I do, so she’s sleeping and lying still while I’m awake and moving around much of the night.

The other night, she and he were both asleep, and I was watching TV and working on the computer, and all of a sudden he sat up and “WOOOFed” really loud. He’s like most Boston Terriers, he seldom barks; so it really shocked me. Then I looked around, and there was nothing there for him to bark at.

Then I noticed he was looking around as much as I was. I finally figured it out – he was dreaming about something, probably something he needed to “protect” us from; and was barking at it. Then he was confused because when he woke up, whatever the vicious predator was had gone away.

I’ve often told my wife, I really wish I could see into the mind of dogs, and know what they’re really thinking.

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