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This is one of those things I’ve thought about doing in the past, started to do in the past a few times, and then gave up on every time (except, hopefully, this time). Now it’s time to explore the possibilities again.

This will be where I collect some of my rambling thoughts about various topics; but that description is probably nothing new to most, since it describes about 95% of the blog sites out there to one degree or another. I originally named the site “Midnight Ramblings” because I’m a late-night kinda guy usually up past midnight, and “Ramblings” sounded so much better than “Assorted Postings by a Victim of Adult ADD and Insomnia” (though I may go to that someday, you never know).

Later, I decided to play off my motorcycle ride-name, Nightrider, and changed it up to “Midnight-Writer”.

Here’s what you’re likely to be reading about from me:

  • Family – Sort of goes without saying that there’s be stuff about the family here. Gini and I have been married for 28 years, and have 5 kids between us, along with 11 grandkids from babies (as of 2016) to teenagers. Originally, my thought was that I would post a lot about them; but as it turns out, most of the “family” postings (so far) have been about my mother-law Betty.
  • Food – Yeah, that’s right, I like to cook sometimes, and here’s a true confession – it’s not only on the grill, but sometimes in an actual kitchen.
  • Camping – Most of the camping articles will be about camping on our motorcycle – or “moto-camping”. Sort of a “specialized interest”, but even non-moto campers might find some of them of interest.
  • Motorcycling – I ride a 2012 Honda GL1800 Goldwing, so most my motorcycle posts will about Goldwings, but there’s bound to be a few other things of interest as well. I’m also very active with the Patriot Guard Riders. Though technically not a “motorcycle organization”, much of what we do involves bikes.
  • Travels – I almost listed this as “travel”, but then decided against it. We’re not great world travelers (though we do travel internationally from time to time), so our “travel” is typically limited to finding things close to us, usually a car or motorcycle drive away, and enjoying them. As the saying goes, it’s more about the journey, not the destination.
  • Politics – How boring would life be if you didn’t occasionally say (or write) things that stir people up. What better topic to do so?
  • Sailing – We have a 25-foot O’Day sailboat, currently too neglected, but I still love to sail.
  • Technology – I’ve been in the IT industry for over 38 years now (wow, that sounds scary). I’m still a gadget freak, so expect to see articles about all kinds of different technology that piques my interest.

Also worth noting, some of these articles will be backdated to the (approximate) date of when they happened. I’m not trying to fool anybody into thinking this site’s been around forever, but it just seemed to make more sense to date the articles around they time they really occurred.

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My name is Herb Parsons, your semi-average 66-year-old guy. I’ve been married to my wife Gini for 28 years, and between us, we have 5 children and 11 grandchildren (currently).